After School Care

OSCAR approved after school care is available at Wallacetown School.

From 3.00 pm till 5.45pm Monday to Friday.

Options Available:

1        Any number of days a week

You can book your child in for any number of days or any day of the week (e.g. Monday and Thursday)

2        Casual

Because you’re running late, or need more time doing whatever you need to do just ring the school and you child will be placed in for that day.

Afternoon tea is provided, and homework done if required.

Your child will be supervised in a classroom or in the school grounds at all times.

Any parent is more than welcome to come and see us and talk to me about any questions they may have.

Costs and subsidies can be discussed with the After School Care Manager.  Families will be invoiced for After School Care.

Fees are $5 per hour.  Charged on the quarter hour.  Minimum half hour.

Contact Carolyn Milne on 027 241 4602

After School care for my child:
“As a working parent, I feel so rest assured my child is happy and taken care of till I can pick him up after school.  Because after school care is on site, I don’t have to worry about my child being picked up from school and transported to another venue.  There are many children at the school that attend after school care, so for them, it’s much like another break with friends.  Carolyn, who runs after school care, is fantastic! She’s very calm and happy and knows each child, I see she values my child and that means a lot to me.  When I pick up my son from after school care he comes home very reluctantly as he’s always immersed in some activity (whether building something out of boxes massed in celotape, playing a video game, building huts in the library, playing dress ups with other children, running around outside in a game of tag or drawing things on the court area with chalk – he’s ALWAYS busy doing something!).  Having after school care at the school has definitely made things easier for me!”

– Phil McIndoe


Download our After School Care Enrolment Form here.