Room 3

Ms Miriam McKenzie

Room 3 consists of 23 Year 2-4 students. Room 3 is dedicated to having plenty of opportunities to reflect on student's learning and development. They have a calm corner with social and emotional art activities that the children can create during the week. Room 3 have responsibility for the recycling, composting and the garden at Wallacetown School with the children leading and taking responsibility for this on a daily basis. They make sure the waste paper is recycled, the food bin is emptied into the compost heap, the garden remains weed free. They also harvest plants when they are ready and suggest how the school can use them. We structure our day with literacy in the morning (oral language, written and reading) following lunch is maths. The afternoon is for topic and PE if it is sunny. Room 3 love having visitors to school to learn new skills, they are a very creative bunch and enjoy spending time making and creating. We commit to being kind, being creative and having fun!