Room 3

Ms Miriam McKenzie

Kia ora, welcome to Team Toru!

There are 20 Year 2 and 3 tamariki in our room and we all love to have fun, have a laugh and create some beautiful memories through our writing and art.

We love our school and community garden and take pride in growing produce in it. We are working hard to reduce our food waste and any waste we do have, we put into our compost heap, the worm farm or the two food recycling bins. We can’t wait for our ‘Salad Bun Thursdays’ and making Apple Jelly from our heritage trees.

The children are lucky enough to have a huge space to run around everyday and we see the results of healthy, active living at Athletics Day and Cross Country along with other local schools.

Our whole school play together, look out for each other and learn together too.

Room 3 2023

Compost Bins

 Boaz is head of the compost bins. The fertilizer from the worm farm and food waste goes onto our temporary salad plots.

ANZAC Learning

 Room 3 learning about ANZAC day by studying the war memorial that is also our school’s front gates.


We all created a self-portrait each using pencils, pens, vivids and water colour paint. 

The Yellow DIgger

The boys proud of their puzzle efforts!

How Tall Are we?

We measured ourselves on the first week to see how much we will grow come 1st December.

Spelling WHizz

Olivia wrote two sentences using fabulous letter sound associations. 

Her fat cat sat on a mat wearing a hat!