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In Prodigy Math, students are wizards engaged in epic math battles! As they battle, students answer questions to progress. Kids are practising skills in Math as they play our fun, adaptive learning games. Teachers can see students results and activities and track what they need to work on. The game has 2 modes, an at home and a school mode, which allows different activities. 

EPIC Reading 

A wide range of books, audio books, magazines and comics. All free and accessible, just need to pay for the monthly subscription. Lots of content and good for all ages!!

$11.95 per month for a family subscription

Hit the Button

Can play online free or download the app for a cost.


Covers times tables, bonds, halves, doubles. 1 minute to get the most answers. See progress in a fun and engaging way.

Great for all ages!

One off cost of $6.99 on App Store or Free if using online.

Eggy Words

The Eggy Words – Sight Words app helps children to recognise and learn the essential sight words that make up a large part of everyday reading. They will do this while playing a fun game that will keep them engaged.

IXL Maths

Room 4 do the 10 questions for free a day. However you can get a monthly subscription. Lots of options and covers all math skills. If you get the question wrong, it will explain to you how to get it right and give you an example.

$12.99 Per month or 10 free questions a day.

Prototec Maths

Prototec Maths offers a variety of basic facts testing. It includes tables, groupings, and converting fractions to percentages!

It covers Stage 2 to 8.

Free Online

Reflex Maths 

Fantastic for building Maths fluency in 7 year olds and older.