Life Walk

Life Walk Partnership with Wallacetown School


This year we have partnered up with the service Life Walk – and have welcomed Glenys Fairhurst to school on a Tuesday as our Life Walk Chaplain. Life Walk Chaplains are dedicated volunteers and we are proud to be one of 250 schools in New Zealand to establish a partnership with them.


Glenys’s role is to help us to support our students when they may be having a tough time and a listening ear to share their thoughts/worries with or maybe are wanting to talk to someone.


A number of schools in Southland employ counsellors through private providers or make use of the ChatBus South service that provides free counselling to students. When I have been asked by families about counselling services on offer in Invercargill for support, a number of these services are under pressure, have long wait lists or are costly. Knowing that tough things/times happen for some of our kids, being able to support them is important to us as a school team.


By Glenys being a regular face around school each week and getting to know our students, this gives them a chance to get to know her and in time if there is anything on their mind to feel like they could chat to her.


Glenys will be on site from 10:15am on a Tuesday each week and will be out and about in break times, she has a wee box in the office so if any students want to chat to her when she is in on a Tuesday they can leave her a note and she will make time to catch-up with them while she is here.


If you are wanting to read a bit more about Life Walk their website is